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We have hundreds of firearms on our shelves at any given time, both new and used. We are the largest buyer of private collections in the State - but we do not buy junk. Our used guns are among the finest in terms of condition you'll find. Not only that, our prices can't be beat. Think online is where to find the deals? Think again. Come see us. You'll be glad you did.

Sporting Arms

We love sporting arms. Our selection of hunting rifles and shotguns has no equal. We have items ranging from entry level to high end and collectible. Looking for a 22 lever action? A high end over/under shotgun? A tack driving rifle with optics? Chances are, we've got it. If we don't have in today - we'll get it for you. When you think of sporting arms, think DJ's.


As the largest collection/estate buyer we routinely end up with some truly special items. It is not uncommon for a collector to have an a pristine, unfired firearm - and in some cases these are items that over the years have become highly collectible. Colt Pythons? We get this in often throughout the year. If there is something you are after - stay in touch with us.

Whether you call them tactical rifles or just plain rifles, we've got them. We have AR-15's, AR-10's and many other rifles of varying caliber. Looking for a fully railed and outfitted 15? No problem!

We have hundreds on-hand at any time. Ranging from entry level to high end, we have the best selection. From common favorites to brands only a few would recognize, we have it.

Are you military or law enforcement? We can help you find th right duty weapon. Once you've made your selection, we'll do what we can to honor your service and find you the best price.